A short science fiction story by The Writer

The Shortest Science Fiction story ever written was not based on science and was not fictional. It was categorized as science-fiction by The Writer, to save himself an explanation or give him – what people call- plausible deniability in case the story became too popular or was taken too seriously by the rest of the humans. Have you ever wondered why sometimes they appear to be gremlins in your computer or on the Internet.

Why your computer sometimes works fast or slow.

. Why some people believe in conspiracy theories and some people believe that Jesus came back to Life after he was born to a Virgin. Some people believe that their government is totally bad . Some believe that government of other countries is totally bad.

People like to approximate their guesses to extremes while taking judgement calls.

Just as intelligence is normally distributed in an average population, so is by design and by planning, access to resources that help enhance thinking. Resources that hinder your thinking or distract you from thinking too deeply about too many things are much more affordable and “cool” than resources that enhance the rate at which an population of a paticular tribe, country, continent or race is lifted up to an enlightened rate of thinking

For knowledge is power, and rapid shifts in power equations have always been accompanied by violence.

Until Now For the first time in the recorded history of people who called themselves humans on the planet they called as Earth, the basic communication structure of a single individual’s brain could be replicated by electronic means on the internet Just as neurons discussed , bargained , and were affected by events for an inividual, people could communicate across the limitations of space, time, and geography Which brngs us to the next stage of the shortest story ever written in science fiction Execept to expand it here would render it no so short THE END

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